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360-Degree Feedback Assessments

360 degree assessments


improve your leadership effectiveness








360 Degree Performance Evaluation


360 feedback assessments are powerful tools for helping managers and executives improve, grow, and develop their interpersonal skills. Our assessment gathers information from several people about an individual's performance as seen by his/her boss, self, peers, direct reports, and customers. Traditional performance evaluations are subjective and one-sided. Most traditional evaluation systems are ineffective in providing honest and objective feedback.


A better way is the 360-Degree feedback assessment process. No matter what position you hold in a company, it is important to understand how others (boss, team, peers and customers) perceive your effectiveness as a leader--strengths and weaknesses. 360-Degree input from supervisors, co-workers, clients and direct reports is valuable in improving organizational and individual performance.


Personalized Approach and Assistance


Many organizations choose us to conduct 360 assessments on their senior level managers and executives. As an option, we can personal coaching to the rated individual.  We will assist the rated individual in developing an action plan in a confidential and professional manner. 


Key Aspects of a 360 Degree Feedback Assessment Process


We conduct individual assessments, which includes input from 7-15 respondents directly on the Internet. We can provide either a standardized or a customized assessment. The standardized assessment consists of approximately 60 questions. The assessment is conducted via the Internet and we provide you a final report with these key features:

  • Mean Average

  • Single and dual factor

  • Gap Size Analysis

  • Open Ended Questions

  • Development Plan

  • Customizable

  • Overall Results

  • Overall Importance Ratings

  • Strengths by Rater Group

  • Developmental Needs by Rater Group

  • Strengths by Frequency of Occurrence

  • Developmental Needs by Frequency

  • Online Delivery

  • Coaching (optional)

How does it work?


The process is simple. We provide you a secure webpage where the questions are listed. The rated individual scores him/herself, along with their boss, and peer group. After all scorings are received, we provide you and the rated individual a printed report or access to a webpage listing the ratings summary.

  • 7-15 people provide input on individual's performance

  • Completely anonymous-Identities protected

  • Internet based-Accessible from anywhere in the world

  • The first step includes a self-evaluation

  • Thorough and detailed reports providing improvement suggestions

  • We work with you or your company to custom design the assessment or use our standardized 360

  • We can custom design one assessment or as many individuals you desire

  • Most standard 360's have between 60-100 questions

  • Completed 360 includes a development guidebook


360 Leadership Development:
Executives, managers and supervisors can better understand their respective strengths and areas for development.

Individual Skill Development: Members of the team give each other feedback about personal leadership abilities, team interaction and workplace skills.

Team Development: Analyze teams by receiving input from customers and other stakeholders.

Sales Development: Salespeople can receive feedback from their sales manager, sales team members, support staff and customers.


360 Survey Sample Reports 


Take your pick from several types of 360 assessments available:

  • Leadership 360 Assessment Survey

  • Individual 360 Development Survey

  • Team Development Profile

  • Sales Development Survey

  • Managing Interpersonal Skills

  • Managing Task-Project Skills

  • Management Development Survey


360 Report Descriptions


Mean Report:

This report type represents the average of responses to a survey question or group of questions (category). The mean is calculated by adding all the responses to a given question and dividing the sum by the total amount of responses. The result is indicated by a number and graphically displayed as a bar graph.

If an answer option has been identified as a “No Response” (such as “Don’t Know,” or “Not Applicable”), those responses will be automatically excluded from the calculation of the Mean score. This ensures that the average is based on the “meaningful” responses.

We recommend that you use the Mean Report when you need an overall summary of survey results. The Mean report will provide an at-a-glance look at the data which is very valuable when you are looking at large amounts of data or when you simply need the average scores.

Favorable/ Unfavorable Report:

This report type shows the percentage of respondents who gave favorable, neutral and unfavorable scores. Negative responses are typically associated with options like: Strongly Disagree, or Disagree.

Neutral responses are typically associated with options like: Neither Agree nor Disagree, or Neutral. Positive responses are typically associated with options like: Strongly Agree, or Agree. The Favorable/Unfavorable report type automatically groups answer options together to convey the overall positive, neutral and negative tone of responses. This report is very informative and more detailed and descriptive than the Mean report.

Written Comments Report:

This type of report provides a comprehensive description of all the written comments provided by survey respondents. The comments are listed in sequence and separated by a thin horizontal line. When a survey participant provides no written comments to an open-ended question, the report shows nothing in between the separating lines.

The written Comments Report is extremely useful to understand qualitative feedback. We recommend that as a survey analyst you read all the comments provided before making interpretations on the numerical data.


Client Support

Our team of consultants are available to provide you personalized support and help you benefit from your system. We are particularly interested in helping you implement the program, establish baselines, and provide interpretation and developmental insights. Our firm is committed to helping you maximize your productivity and profits through better employee selection, retention, and development.


Call us toll free and one of our experienced assessment specialists will be glad to assist you. 


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