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iStock_000012787464LargeOur firm is committed to helping you maximize your productivity and profits through better employee selection, communication, retention and development.

Our team of consultants are available to provide you personalized support and help you benefit from our system. We are particularly interested in helping you implement the program, establish baselines and provide interpretation and developmental insights.

Partnership with Target Training International

TTI Performance Systems, Ltd is the world’s leading provider of research-based, validated assessments, providing development and coaching tools that enable organizations to effectively meet their human resources needs. Our tools and assessments are at work in more than 90 countries and in 40 languages. TTI is also a world leader in cutting edge research on human behavior and the characteristics of superior performers in specific jobs. TTI develops thought leadership in the realms of entrepreneurism, education and human interaction.

Partnering with us provides:

  1. Lifetime support
  2. Access to on-going industry related research and assessments
  3. Personalized assistance to your questions
  4. Cutting-Edge Internet Delivery System
  5. Fast delivery of reports via E-mail to multiple locations
  6. Instant access to data 24/7 from anywhere in the world
  7. Automatic report storage and backup
  8. Multiple language options
  9. Scoring and interpretation support
  • “Four hours of my time in your seminar has resulted in an 51% improvement of our revenues during first quarter of year. We should reach $450-500 million easily. Our teams work smart as well as hard and each member is having a lot more fun working together. You are the “Deal of the Century.”

    Dave DibbleDirector of Marketing, Sunshine Companies
  • “Faced for the first time with a need to begin Management level learning for 50 managers, Nicholas & Company needed an easy-to-deploy, consistent and meaningful assessment. I chose Greg Smith’s TTI survey because of its amazing accuracy, but more importantly, Greg’s strong knowledge on how to understand this tool. With his piercing insight, and amazing ability to coach on the results, I found we had discovered a gold mine so rich that I have designed a year’s worth of management training, customized to each manager, based on the information contained in each person’s assessment. If you are the captain of your ship, Greg is the trusted navigator who will get you where you wish to go.”

    Wes StockmanPerformance Development Manager

Chart Your Course International


Since 1996, Chart Your Course International has partnered with businesses to design strategies to hire better talent, grow your organization, develop the talent of your team and implement strategy based initiatives.

We help executives and clients transform themselves into exceptional places to work that attract, retain and motivate people to their full potential. We help to grow organizations and implement employee engagement initiatives creating clearer direction, increased profitability, stronger executive teamwork, improved communication, improved customer service and happier and more productive employees.

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