Driving Forces Certification Program

Our clients consistently say they walked away from our Driving Forces Certification Program with more than they ever expected. They receive in-depth knowledge, world-class assessments, and detailed facilitation resources to confidently deliver impactful sessions on their own.

Driving Forces is based on Eduard Spranger’s original work and focuses on the WHY behind an individual’s actions, showcasing what motivates their behavior. It assesses 6 key factors; Knowledge, Power, Surroundings, Others, Utility, and Methodologies. Not only will it bring insight to the Leaders, it will also help them improve employee engagement, decision making and build more effective teams.

“Virtual certification? I had my doubts and concerns. Lisa and the DataDome team pulled off the same magic you experience in-person: amazing prep, materials, delivery, engagement and ongoing support. DataDome continues to raise the bar!”

Barb Glassman, President, G-FORCE Collaborations

Expert Facilitator – Lisa Bouchard

  • A dynamic and insightful facilitator with relevant stories to reinforce learning
  • Over 25 years of assessment and organizational development experience

Great Learning Environment

  • An engaging and fun learning atmosphere
  • Small classes that allow for maximum participation and discussion

After Class Support

  • One-on-one time with instructor to customize implementation strategies and session agendas
  • Comprehensive Driving Forces session materials including slide decks, handouts, facilitator notes
  • Help in customizing sessions and reviewing group information
  • Complimentary webinars to expand knowledge, skills, and resources
  • Over 25 years of assessment and organizational development experience

Certification Overview

Five day virtual Driving Forces Certification Program

This program is designed to equip trainers with an in-depth understanding of Driving Forces. We train in so much more than just the 12 Driving Forces characteristics. We educate you in the primary, situational, indifferent clusters, energizers and stressors, and extreme behaviors.

We provide you with all the resources that you need to facilitate sessions: Power Point presentations, facilitator notes, participant materials and exercise worksheets along with the rights to customize and reproduce the materials to suit your needs (the facilitator kit alone is a $900+ value). Strategies and models to successfully implement Driving Forces in your organization or training practice will be discussed. You will have access to the Driving Forces and Talent Insights online assessments through Data Dome.

Classes are kept small to encourage and allow for personal interaction, sharing of relevant examples, and discussing customized applications. You receive time with the instructor in preparation for and after your exam to review and gain additional knowledge and discuss implementation strategies.

The training is insightful, engaging, and fun. Participants consistently say they walk away with more than they ever expected from the program.

$2,695 per person | Discounts for government, military, and multiple participants are available


The Benefits of Understanding Driving Forces
  • Helps to build stronger relationships
  • Increases appreciation for what is important to others
  • Helps you to include the viewpoint of others
  • Allows you to communicate more effectively
  • Raises your satisfaction and fulfillment in work and life
  • Assists in hiring people that will be engaged in the culture
  • Supports managers to engage their staff and utilize their passions


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Personal Call with the Instructor

The most important thing to Data Dome is that you leave the session having received more than you ever anticipated. We set up a one-on-one call with the instructor to understand how you will be implementing Driving Forces and your greatest needs so we can ensure they are covered in the five days. We review the process, discuss the pre-work, and make sure all your questions have been answered.

Session Pre-Work

Participants are asked to complete pre-work for the session. The objective is for each person to come to the session having a basic background and understanding of Driving Forces. This will allow the class to start with the same knowledge base and keep discussions moving at a consistent pace.

Includes completing a Driving Forces Assessment, reviewing the Reference Manual and a 12 module online study course with videos and quizzes.


The course starts with introductions, allowing participants to best understand their classmates and form connections that often go beyond the class. Advanced facilitation resource materials will be reviewed as well as the materials and agenda for the program. A “mini” Driving Forces workshop will be demonstrated utilizing the materials the participants will receive. This allows participants to see the program delivered and gives the class an extended base of knowledge. Throughout the five days, the study guide and the reference manual will be used to educate the class in advanced Driving Forces knowledge.

The 12 Driving Forces™ Defined

The power and benefits of Driving Forces

A deeper look into each of the 12 drivers:

  • Characteristics
  • What they focus on
  • What is important
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Value and how to leverage
  • Challenges and how to minimize
  • What energizes and stresses
  • Over-extensions and extremes
  • Best way to communicate with each
We will focus discussions on application for Personal, Leadership and Team  development, performance improvement, hiring and coaching. The participants will be taken through a full review of the numerous exercises that could be utilized in a Driving Forces training with a focus on understanding the purpose and best application(s) of the exercise. They will also review the assessment report types that are available, their application, and the online assessment system set-up. In order to prepare for their final certification exam, participants will go over a complete review with a facilitator and answer practice questions.

Examples of some of the items discussed:

  • The 6 Keywords and the 12 Driving Forces
  • Primary, Situational and Indifferent clusters
  • Presentation and facilitator notes
  • Participant materials, exercises, and worksheets
  • Group graphs, wheels, and natural graph name tents
  • Agendas, program applications, and customization
  • Driving Forces reports and assessments available
  • Online assessment system set-up and functionality

Driving Forces Certification Exam – is open book and there is no time limit on the exam. We recommend you set aside 2 – 3 hours the week after the program to take the exam. Upon passing the exam, your certificate will be mailed to you.


Lisa A. Bouchard, CPBA, CPMA

Lisa’s career spans 35 years as a sales professional, executive, and entrepreneur. She has been a trusted business advisor to leaders and business owners in hundreds of companies – from Fortune 500s to franchises to startups. She helps organizations prosper by giving them the knowledge and tools to powerfully engage, manage, and motivate their workforce. She brings a focus on application and results that can be uncommon in the consulting and training arena.

In demand as a speaker, trainer, and executive coach; her engagements offer practical and effective solutions to common workplace problems such as poor communication, personality conflicts, difficult conversations, and accountability. Lisa’s mission is to reduce suffering in the workplace. She has spent her career uncovering challenges and offering insights that lead to new behaviors, actions, and results. Clients not only see the struggles decrease; they experience higher levels of engagement, collaboration and productivity.

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