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Understanding human behavior is the key to success both at home and at the office. Use the power of DISC to manage, motivate and improve relationships within your team and organization. DISC shows how we:

  • Express our internal emotions through our external behavior
  • Prefer to interact (temperament) with the environment and the people around us

The four DISC factors are as follows:

D = Dominance: How you address PROBLEMS and CHALLENGES

I = Influence: How you interact and influence PEOPLE and CONTACTS

S = Steadiness: How you deal with PACE and CONSISTENCY

C = Compliance: How you deal with PROCEDURES and CONSTRAINTS

Each week Greg will provide you a new DISC tip. Each tip will provide you advice to help you become a better communicator, understand each individual’s value and discover what motivates each of the four behavior styles. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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